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Coyote Activity Picks Up as Mating Season Approaches

”Prairie Wolves”, or Coyotes, are more frequently being sighted around Carillon Stonegate Pond. Especially in pairs. They may be quite playful with each other during their courtship.

Mating season is upon us.

They are probably establishing their den site in vacant animal burrows in the woodlands north of our ponds. Breeding peaks in late February or early March with pups born approximately 60 days later during late April or May. Litters of 4 to 9 pups are the norm. Pup season is the only time Coyotes will voluntarily use a den; otherwise, Coyotes usually sleep above ground in the open or in cover.

A cautionary note to residents around Carillon at Stonegate, especially those with small dogs. Coyotes are much more aggressive during those breeding months. While not typically a threat, they may see dogs as as competition for their potential mates.

Still enjoy walks around Carillon Stonegate Ponds. We share these grounds with a variety of wildlife. You are an audience to observe first hand their lifecycle!

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