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Blackbirds of Carillon Stonegate Pond

Common Name: Red-winged Blackbird.

Key Markings: 

  • Body is black overall

  • "Shoulders" or epaulets are red edged with white, pink, or yellow feathers

  • Bill is conical

​​Common Name: Baltimore Oriole.

Key Markings: 

  • Stunning, blazing orange body and a black head

  • Wings are black with a white bar running across and its outer tail feathers are orange

Common Name: Common Grackle.

Key Markings: 

  • Head and neck are an iridescent, glossy purplish-blue

  • They have a bronzy, black body coloring

  • Tail is long and keel-shaped

  • Bills are long, sharp and black

Common Name: Brown-headed Cowbird.

Key Markings: 

  • Subtle brown head

  • Glossy black plumage

  • Bill is much shorter and thicker-based than other blackbirds

The Carillon at Stonegate community is very fortunate to have a variety of wetland, forest and prairie environments conducive to a variety of birds and other wildlife, plants and insects. Our community and the Kane County Forest Preserve do an exceptional job in maintaining this natural environment – both for the benefit of the birds and wildlife and for our residents to enjoy.


Take a hike and see what you can find – and identify!

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