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Separating the Grass Environments


What environments need to be separated? We share a common border - our lush, manicured lawns and the wildflowers and tall grasses surrounding Carillon Stonegate Pond. When a suburban community sets up to a wetlands and woodlands area, the ecosystem of the wetlands needs to be protected and preserved.

What actions are taken and what are the benefits? The edge of the wetlands is sprayed with a vegetation herbicide to create a barrier zone between the two environments. This will prevent our cool season, lawn grasses from growing in this area. This program will preserve the natural environment for the tallgrasses and wildflowers.

When and how is this program carried out? The herbicide is generally applied in early spring. In the photos, the treatment shows up as a bluish-green substance along the outer edge of our lawns. A team of forestry professionals will spray the edges between our lawns and the wetlands.

The Carillon at Stonegate community is very fortunate to have a variety of wetland, forest and prairie environments conducive to a variety of birds and other wildlife, insects and plants. Our community and the Kane County Forest Preserve do an exceptional job in maintaining this natural environment – both for the benefit of the birds and wildlife and for our residents to enjoy.


Take a hike and see what you can find – and identify!

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