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"Submarines" of Carillon Stonegate Pond

Common Name: Double-crested Cormorant.

Key Markings: 

  • Prehistoric-looking, matte-black bird

  • Yellow-orange facial skin

  • Small heads on long, kinked necks

  • Dives beneath pond surface to feed

​​Common Name: Pied-billed Grebe.

Key Markings: 

  • Small pigeon-sized, brown waterbird

  • Short, thick bill with a vertical black stripe

  • Dives beneath pond surface to feed

Common Name: Ring-necked Duck.

Key Markings: 

  • Gleaming black, gray, and white body

  • Faint brownish ring around neck

  • Peaked head shape with sloping forehead

  • White ring around the bill

  • Dives beneath pond surface to feed


Common Name: Caspian Tern.

Key Markings: 

  • White with a light gray mantle

  • Large bright red-orange bill

  • Shallowly forked tail

  • While in-flight, dives into pond to feed

Common Name: Bufflehead.

Key Markings: 

  • White body with black back

  • Large dark head with distinguishing white patch

  • Constantly diving and resurfacing as it feeds

Common Name: Hooded Merganser.

Key Markings: 

  • Large head with unusual crest or "hoodie"

  • Drakes have large black head with white patch

  • Females are brownish with cinnamon crest

The Carillon at Stonegate community is very fortunate to have a variety of wetland, forest and prairie environments conducive to a variety of birds and other wildlife, plants and insects. Our community and the Kane County Forest Preserve do an exceptional job in maintaining this natural environment – both for the benefit of the birds and wildlife and for our residents to enjoy.


Take a hike and see what you can find – and identify!

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