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Raptors of Carillon Stonegate Pond

Common Name: Bald Eagle.

Key Markings: 

  • Distinctive white-feathered head.

  • Dark brown body and wings

  • Large wingspan

  • Legs and bills are bright yellowish color.

​​Common Name: Redtailed Hawk.

Key Markings: 

  • Brown head.

  • White throat

  • Brown body feathers

  • Red tail

Common Name: Coopers Hawk.

Key Markings: 

  • Bluish-grey head and upperparts

  • Red eye

  • Pale rufous patterned underparts

Common Name: Osprey.

Key Markings: 

  • White head with a broad brown stripe through the eye

  • Beak is black and strongly hooked

  • Brown wings and upperparts

Common Name: Great Horned Owl.

Key Markings: 

  • Distinctive horn-like feather tufts on the tops of their heads

  • Feathers are brown with a distinctive white spot on their throat

  • Round face with yellow eyes that are forward-facing

  • Their underbellies are white with brown and black bars distributed throughout.

The Carillon at Stonegate community is very fortunate to have a variety of wetland, forest and prairie environments conducive to a variety of birds and other wildlife, plants and insects. Our community and the Kane County Forest Preserve do an exceptional job in maintaining this natural environment – both for the benefit of the birds and wildlife and for our residents to enjoy.


Take a hike and see what you can find – and identify!

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