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Sparrows of Carillon Stonegate Pond

Common Name: White-Crowned Sparrow.

Key Markings: 

  • Black-and-white-striped head

  • Upperparts are brown-streaked

  • Underparts are gray

  • Small white patch on throat

​​Common Name: White-throated Sparrow.

Key Markings: 

  • Black-and-white-striped head.

  • Yellow mark in front of eyes

  • White throat

  • Rusty-brown striped upperparts

  • Grayish underparts


Common Name: Chipping Sparrow.

Key Markings: 

  • Crown - rufous (reddish brown)

  • Eyeline - black with white eyebrow

  • Brown striped upperparts and wings

  • Grayish underparts

Common Name: American Tree Sparrow.

Key Markings: 

  • Crown - rufous (reddish brown)

  • Eyeline - rufous (reddish brown)

  • Bill - bi-colored; lower yellowish

​Common Name: Song Sparrow.

Key Markings: 

  • Crown - brown with narrow gray stripe

  • Grayish face

  • Eyeline - brown

  • Breast - cream white with brown streaks that converge to create central spot

​​​Common Name: House Sparrow.

Key Markings: 

  • Crown - gray

  • Upperparts - stripes of buff, black and brown

  • Grayish underparts

The Carillon at Stonegate community is very fortunate to have a variety of wetland, forest and prairie environments conducive to a variety of birds and other wildlife, plants and insects. Our community and the Kane County Forest Preserve do an exceptional job in maintaining this natural environment – both for the benefit of the birds and wildlife and for our residents to enjoy.


Take a hike and see what you can find – and identify!

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