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New Avian Visitors at Carillon Stonegate Pond

Day 30 of the Illinois “Shelter-in-Place” Order.

After my nature walk, I was looking out over the back yard to the CSG Pond.

Two infrequent visitors were spotted at different times.

One of the visitors was a woodpecker. But not the expected look of a woodpecker. This bird was a Northern Flicker. They migrate through here in the spring as they head further north. They have an unusual or contrasting (perhaps conflicting) set of coloration and patterns. Quite interesting and unique. For more information on the Northern Flicker visit Life on CSG Pond and the Northern Flicker webpage at

The other visitor was a Brown Thrasher. Really a quite handsome and sturdy looking bird. This was first time that I both sighted and photographed this bird. This Brown Thrasher became the fourth-seventh species of wild birds on or around Carillon Stonegate Pond that I have able to identify. Do you know the state bird of Georgia? Yes - the Brown Thrasher! For more information on the Brown Thrasher visit Life on CSG Pond and the Brown Thrasher. webpage at .

And visit for information on the birds, other wildlife, insects and wildflowers that make up the natural wetlands around here.

Take a hike and see what you can find – and identify!

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