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Finally - Whitetail Fawn Grazing on Our Banks!

The banks of Carillon Stonegate Pond are lush with tall, green grasses, reeds and wildflowers after the rains of the past few weeks.

The food supply deep into the woodlands and the wetlands around here must be ample as we have not seen a young Whitetail Deer appear to feed on our grasses for several months.

This morning one appeared.

Young deer – fawns - wear a reddish-brown coat with white spots that helps them blend in with the woodlands. And the fawn in our photos wears this coat well!

It's a good sign to see these young deer. A sign that the ecosystem is working well around Carillon Stonegate Pond. And the wildlife of all types are doing well.

So - as we say around here - Take a hike and see what you can find – and identify!

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