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Great Blue Heron Fishing in Late November - Cold, But Successful!

Glanced out at Carillon Stonegate Pond this afternoon and was surprised to see a Great Blue Heron.

The GBH was first sighted on the banks and looking cold. Wasn't certain why it was there.

It started along the shoreline - looked like it was following its shadow. But it paused and stood very still. It coiled its long neck and drove its head into the pond. And it had successfully speared a small fish - perhaps a bluegill. And it proceeded to swallow the fish.

A good day of fishing in the cold water of Carillon Stonegate Pond. While most of our Great Blue Herons have moved further south as winter approaches, some of these birds stay late until the ponds have frozen over.

For late November, this was a wonder to observe!

So take a hike - but dress warmly - and see what you can find – and identify!

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