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I Cannot Tell a Lie, I Chopped Down a Tree!

Updated: May 6, 2022

George Washington fessed up to the tree that he chopped down.

But our North American Beaver does not seem so honest! Caught him/her near the fallen trees. But no actual photos of he/she in action gnawing away.

Had my doubts that our version of Sasquatch actually resided on Carillon Stonegate Pond.

Sure, we have active colonies of Muskrats. But never thought that a North American Beaver would try to make home here.

The cleanness of the cuts to the larger tree looked more like George Washington had taken an ax to it. But Kane County Wildlife biologists suggest that it was a beaver.

Got lucky at dusk the other day and saw this large movement on the north bank of the western Carillon Stonegate Pond. With unsteady hands, attempted to photograph the beast. From one hundred yards away, the creature appeared massive. Could this actually be our new resident?

And it was! Carillon Stonegate Pond now has North American Beavers to add to its list of mammals residing here.

So take a hike and see what you can find - and identify!

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