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Tree Swallows Return to Carillon Stonegate Pond!

Spring is finally here! The Tree Swallows have returned to Carillon Stonegate Pond.

What to look for? Tree Swallows are darling aerialists with deep-blue shimmering backs and white fronts. These small songbirds have long, pointed wings. Their tails are short, squared and slightly notched. And they have very short, flat bills. Females are duller with more brown in their backs. And juvenile Tree Swallows are completely brown above.

Where can they be found at Carillon Stonegate Pond? Seasonally, Tree Swallows are here from March through August at any of our ponds. Visualize a squadron of avian “Blue Angels” in acrobatic flight chasing after flying insects skimming the surface of these ponds. They soar over our ponds in large groups - typically from six or more. They move swiftly and with great agility - avoiding each other as they search for food on the pond’s surface. And they put on this show two or three times each day!

As you have the opportunity to walk the paths along our ponds, you will see small groups (8 - 12) of Tree Swallows performing their aerobatics over our ponds. This occurs generally three times per day - very wonderful sight in mornings and late afternoon. These birds are Carillon Stonegate's "Blue Angels" performing now daily through the end of summer.

For more on Tree Swallows, visit this link.

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