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Osprey-cious Occasion as Fisherman Returns to Roost at Carillon Stonegate Pond

Two days ago while relaxing on our patio, we heard this thunderous splash on the pond. Only to look up to see an Osprey battling in the shallows with a small mouth bass. The Osprey won and took to the skies, flying north to a nest we assumed.

No time for grabbing a camera to take a photo. Too busy gawking at the event.

But this morning while waiting for my coffee to brew, I peered out my window to see this Osprey perched high atop the pond's roosting site.

This time I was able to get the camera and record the event. I sat patiently awaiting for the Osprey to dive back down to the pond and pull out another fish. I waited. And waited. And waited. But the Osprey stayed atop the tree branch.

Apparently my patience waned as I caught a glimpse of an American Goldfinch feeding off of a Wild Bergamot right in front of me. I refocused my attention to this songbird and took several pictures.

And when I return my camera to the top of the roosting tree, there was no Osprey. No fishing. It apparently took off for a better fishing hole. Perhaps to return another day.

So enjoy our pond and the nature around it. Take a hike and see what you can find – and identify!

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