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Sign of Summer - Fawn on CarillonStonegate Pond!

First fawn sighting at CarillonStonegate Pond.
Fawn on CarillonStonegate Pond (7/2/2019)

Summer has finally arrived. 4th of July coming up on Thursday. American women soccer team win quarterfinal match today against England.

And first sighting of a very young White-tail Deer fawn on the banks of CarillonStonegate Pond. The fawn has that wonderful and familiar orange-brown coloration with the white spots. It is only tall enough to barely get its head above the tall plants growing along our shoreline. It appeared to be grazing for nearly an hour this afternoon.

It shows how vibrant the ecosystem here is around Kane County's Arlene Shoemaker Flatwoods Nature Preserve. Over the winter, there appeared to be a group of five deer making this area their home.

For more on the wildlife, birds, insects and plants that reside here, go toe LifeonCSGPond.

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