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10- point White-tail Buck Visiting Carillon Stonegate Pond

New Year's Day brought a visitor to the ridge line north of Carillon Stonegate Pond.

It was a White-tail deer. A magnificent male with a large antler rack. While my skills are lacking in this area, I tried counting the number of points on the antlers. I believe that there were a total of 10 points (may be 12 points). Each point being a spike arising from the antler and including those right at the base.

This day, there were several bucks in this group. Some had fewer points - more typically six. There was some scampering around - perhaps, attempts to hold this territory.

While the Arlene Shoemaker Flatlands is a smaller forest preserve overseen by the Kane County Forest Preserve, it is a spectacular location for observing birds and wildlife.

So this winter - when the weather works - take a hike and see what you can find and identify.

And visit Life on CSG Pond to see information on the birds, animals and other wildlife, insects and plants that are found here.

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