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Cooper's Hawk - Lovely Raptor Here in Winter!

Even during winter, we have a variety of residents that drop in to rest or roost here at the Carillon Stonegate Ponds. Here is a Cooper's Hawk that roosted in one of our backyard trees.

The Cooper’s Hawk is a medium-sized hawk. It has the classic accipiter shape: broad, rounded wings and a noticeably long tail. They have a large head, broad shoulders, and a rounded tail.

One of their noteworthy characteristics when they roost is their upright posture. The Cooper’s Hawk has bluish-gray upper-parts with a contrasting black cap and a red eye. Its underparts are pale with dense rufous or reddish barring. Also, note their small bill which is strongly hooked.

For more information on Cooper's Hawks, visit Life on CSG Pond or Cooper's Hawks.

We are very fortunate to have a variety of wetland, forest and prairie environments conducive to a variety of birds and other wildlife, plants and insects.

Take a hike and see what you can find – and identify!

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